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*****************Rooms/Dates**********************************No Of Rooms*****************01 Sat02 Sun03 Mon04 Tue05 Wed06 Thu07 Fri08 Sat09 Sun10 Mon11 Tue12 Wed13 Thu14 Fri15 Sat16 Sun17 Mon18 Tue19 Wed20 Thu21 Fri22 Sat23 Sun24 Mon25 Tue26 Wed27 Thu28 Fri29 Sat30 Sun
2 Double Beds Smoking with Exterior Door10XX76751277831XX24X114XXX677437
2 Double Beds NonSmoking with Exterior Door10XX3577229867631X32XXXX1X168775
1 King Bed Smoking with Exterior door5XX2X13X133442XXXXXXXXX1X214XX5
2 Double beds NonSmoking with a Poolview6XX6556XX644651X15XXX2XXX556336
1 King Bed with Jacuzzi9XX13211357584XX1XXXXXXXXXXX66X
1 Double Bed with Jacuzzi1XX111111111111XXXXXXXXXXXXX11X
2 Double Beds22XX14161512671219922154XXXXXX8XXXXXX1715X
3 Double Beds2XX12211222222XXXXXXX1XXXXXX22X
4 Double Beds5XX3555124555311XXXXX3XXXXXX53X
2 Accessible Double Beds2XX122222221221XXXXXX2XXXXXX22X
99 Dummy1111111111111111111111111111111
99 Condo2XX1111X1XXX111111111111111X111
99 OTACondo1XX11111X111111X1XXXXXX11111XX1