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Double Queen Ground Floor 101    XX   X X       XXX         
Double Queen Ground Floor 105    XX XXX X              X    
Double Queen Ground Floor 107    XXXXXX X                X  
Double Queen Ground Floor 109    XX     X      X       XXX  
Double Queen Ground Floor 111    XX   X X             XXXXXX
Double Queen Ground Floor 114    XXXXXXXXX                  
Double Queen with Balcony 201    XX     X         XX        
Double Queen with Balcony 205    XX     X                   
Double Queen with Balcony 207    XX     X                   
Double Queen with Balcony 209    XX     X                   
Double Queen with Balcony 211    XX     X      X   X  XXXX X
Double Queen with Balcony 214    XX     X                   
Double Queen with Balcony 216    XX     X                   
Queen Room Balcony 202    XX     X XXX    XX   XXXXXX
Queen Room Balcony 203XX  XX     X       XXX      XXX
Queen Room Balcony 204    XX     X       XXXXXX    XX
Queen Room Balcony 206    XX     X                   
Queen Room Balcony 208    XX     X               XXXX
Queen Room Balcony 210    XX     X                   
Queen Room Balcony 212XXXXXX     X                   
Queen Room Balcony 215    XX     X                   
Queen Room Ground Floor 102XXXXXX     X X              XX 
Queen Room Ground Floor 103    XX XXXXX                 XX
Queen Room Ground Floor 104    XX     X XXX XX            
Queen Room Ground Floor 106    XX     X               XX  
Queen Room Ground Floor 108    XX     X            XXXXX  
Queen Room Ground Floor 110XXXXXX     X              XXX  
Queen Room Ground Floor 112    XX     X                XXX
Queen Room Ground Floor 115    XX     X                XXX
Queen Room Ground Floor 116    XX     X       XX   XX XX